great for teachers


I really like this book. Its super powerful and it has so many great tips for teachers. I would love for a few teachers in my kids past to sit down and get use to reading this book and following through with it.   This book breaks down for all the different things  your can do. I think Positive Discipline for teachers is a great book.

When i ordered this i was expecting to get a magazine sized  book with pretty much the same thickness. I didn’t expect a very thick nicely laid out book with so much information in it.  If you’re going on a trip this is one that i would not leave behind.  I think that this book has something for the whole family.   There was even some things that was even in my own state that i had never heard of before that really are not to far away and i could go for a day trip and  see some of them. Not only do you get introduced to some of the new places it also gives you a link to some of the places webpages, even straight down to their wordpress blogs.  I like the book, although i wish it was on glossy paper.

The Physics of everyday things

I really love this book. In fact i look all types of books that make you think. When i got the chance to review this book i jumped on it because it’s just one of those books.   I really think that readers will enjoy this book.  From cover to cover the answers to all of these things in the book is  full of information as well as they put a funny spin on things.  This book would be great for those people that need a little easy explanation of how things work. Great book.

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Youtube has spawned all sorts of new  types of people. People  sometimes are a bit hesitant to look into new people.   Although Natasha Bure is someone new and your may not know who she is, she is the daughter of  TV show fullhouse star Candace Cameron Bure.   Every where she goes and everything she does she wants people to know that life is life and you live through it as well as she wants everyone to know that even she herself has went through it. In this book Lets be real  she points out a lot of things you would not necessarily think about. She talks about how to make yourself  aware of just that, your self.   This book is great for preteens tweens or even younger teenagers or just about any one along in that range of age.   The only thing that i would think could be revised is perhaps going on a name that doesn’t bounce of your famous mom.

I am always looking for books for my daughter to have to read and it seems some times there is few and far between in the things that she likes. Books just like TV shows are coming  up and seem to get a lot older for the age range. I like the people in the book  because it’s innocent and it’s hard to find.  This book was written by a mom daughter duo and it takes a whole new aspect on  writing books. I think one of the best things about this book is that it is about a 12 year old and it is meant to make it easy on a 12 year old to read it.  Wonderful book for tweens.

The author of this book was trying to tell a store, and they wanted to get that store across the correct way.  I got the feeling that Susan Rieger     was telling a story that almost felt “real”.   The story feel blunt and matter of fact. Its not a style of writing that i am use to.  Well not a style of book when you’re talking about a fiction book. Eleanor and Rupert in the book lived a wonderful full life together.  They are happy and love their kids who are “well off” and it speaks off all the different things that can go on with adult kids, when someone gets older.  This book is very   emotional

Finally Focused


With  so many people out there being diagnosed with ADHD or ADD or some other thing that is in common with this mental illness, it’s nice to  see a book that really takes the time to discuss different ways  to get a handle on things. I have a son who is sever ADHD and i hate when he has to have meds. I as well as many other parents out there really  have a chance to look else where.   If you have not had the chance to  look up alternative ADHD info i suggest this book.  I think the book breaks it down and makes it easy for you.

Approval Junkie

I have not ever had a chance to read a book that was as good as this one.  Faith Salie the author spend a large amount of time putting her heart down on this one.   Her personality really shine through on this book.    The  writer wanted you to feel what she was saying but also have a good laugh with the book. You can tell she she really send a lot to make sure you enjoyed  yourself.  I think everyone at some point has reached out and tried to  gain approval from someone.   While i don’t think you should have to do that it simply happens.  Great book and it’s great to know not only am i the one who has done this in the past. 


This book is well written, i must say.   This book is the  third book in the Double S Ranch series. I think that there was a lot of stuff going through the  mind of the arthur.  Trey Walker Stafford knows that he can never  repay when uncle  with everything he has.  The story  is a christian based book  and it has a open heart. This book is very clean and a great book. It’s hard to find books that are very clean and innocent.  Both parties in the book has a strong faith.    The book is full of a lessons from  end to end.  I think that if you are looking for a good book out there and nothing dirty this is a great start. Don’t forget to get the others in the trilogy.  I have not read a book this good  that is fiction. I have not read many fiction books that i actually like.  Pick it up and give it a chance.

As someone who has send so many days trying to figure out how to fix myself when i think about anxiety  i can relate to this book.   One of the lines that is said is

Think positive.
Don’t worry; be happy.
Keep calm and carry on.

I think that is a perfect thing that anyone with anxiety should think about.  The book is about a girl that  needs to figure out everything she can and learn how to cope with anxiety. She tries to gain some kind of control over the disorder so she can be “normal”  Everyone should give the book a try. I think the author was spot on and didnt hold anything back.