Toenail Fungus Treatment


The perfect nail solution formula for Fungus and Infections worked perfectly.  It’s a simple process that doesn’t take up much time at all and cleared an infection I’d been dealing with for a bit in just a few uses.
The directions are clear and easy to follow with only two steps.  First, you have to soak your hand or foot in a diluted mixture of the solution, then apply the topical solution.  The solutions are all essential oil-based and natural, so you know what you’re using to treat your body and I love that.  The solution will also last quite a while as it doesn’t require much to be mixed into the water, allowing you to treat infections or fungus often if you need to.
One of the added benefits is that, while you treat infections or fungus, the natural solution also treats finger and toe nails to make them healthier and try to prevent the situations from happening in the future.  I’ve treated my nails a couple of times as directed for a severe infection and already notice that my nails are less brittle and growing longer.



Matthew Desmond has crafted a book that is just as heartbreaking as it is enlightening.  “Evicted…” shares the story of 8 families in one of the poorest areas of Milwaukee who are on the edge of being evicted and losing their homes.  Having been through similar circumstances to some of the families in the book, it really hit home that this is becoming the norm in American Society.  “Evicted…” uses these 8 families as a way to shed light on an issue that has become increasingly common in the US and shows no signs of stopping any time soon.  This book is a great read for those in the US who deny how bad poverty has become or even that people who work don’t go through these types of problems.  One of the most brilliant moves, in my opinion, was to use so many different examples for the situation to bring attention to the fact that anyone could be in the same shoes as those in the book.

This was a wonderful book I bought as a gift for my son, who likes to sketch when he’s bored. The author, David Chelsea, formatted the book like a graphic novel, which was an easy way to catch my son’s attention. The book was actually a great tool for my son and his father to spend some quality time together as well, both being artists. My son quickly picked up on some pointers about how to make his drawings come to life off the page and adding depth while my husband, who went to art school, was given some great reminders and even learned a few new tips for his own drawings. I was thrilled with the book and it’s presentation as my son has spent more time looking through the book and practicing his depth skills on paper than he ever had before.

This stuff is really awesome, and it really does work.

If you have not heard the whole new craze if to get charcoal every thing. You can use it on your face as well as your teeth.   Obviously  if you don’t live under a rock  you can see the  post  over and over on facebook as well as on twitter.  I was expecting it come come in some sort of  tub of wet stuff like many other  brands. This does not though, in fact when i pulled it out of the package it feels nearly empty as it come as dust, or powder form. All it takes is a tiny bit and you put it on your tooth brush. It will turn your teeth different colors and that’s doing the magic.  If you’re looking for a clean and simple way and chemical free this is the way to go!

If you would like to take  a moment and view her very first time she ever used the product then you can go on and look over to the you tube channel which is located here  . As you can see in the video she didn’t really mind it and found it more fun than anything.

For some reason it seems a but gritty on her teeth when she tried it for the very first time. She liked it and didn’t mind it all to much when she took the chance and tried it.  She said there is not taste  or anything.

The close up of her teeth  you can seen just after one use  it lifted some of the yellowish tint although she can redo it.  It did leave the black residue  around the gum line but it will leave after some point.

I received this for free in return for  a review.


 I really like this book it was a bit different then i would have expected it to be.  I also really licked the cover.  A lot of the book  i got the harry potter filling and that could have been changed up a bit.  The whole ideal of the book is good and the characters are likeable. I want to read the rest of the books in the future.  Great job to them for writing this book.

great for teachers


I really like this book. Its super powerful and it has so many great tips for teachers. I would love for a few teachers in my kids past to sit down and get use to reading this book and following through with it.   This book breaks down for all the different things  your can do. I think Positive Discipline for teachers is a great book.

When i ordered this i was expecting to get a magazine sized  book with pretty much the same thickness. I didn’t expect a very thick nicely laid out book with so much information in it.  If you’re going on a trip this is one that i would not leave behind.  I think that this book has something for the whole family.   There was even some things that was even in my own state that i had never heard of before that really are not to far away and i could go for a day trip and  see some of them. Not only do you get introduced to some of the new places it also gives you a link to some of the places webpages, even straight down to their wordpress blogs.  I like the book, although i wish it was on glossy paper.

The Physics of everyday things

I really love this book. In fact i look all types of books that make you think. When i got the chance to review this book i jumped on it because it’s just one of those books.   I really think that readers will enjoy this book.  From cover to cover the answers to all of these things in the book is  full of information as well as they put a funny spin on things.  This book would be great for those people that need a little easy explanation of how things work. Great book.

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Youtube has spawned all sorts of new  types of people. People  sometimes are a bit hesitant to look into new people.   Although Natasha Bure is someone new and your may not know who she is, she is the daughter of  TV show fullhouse star Candace Cameron Bure.   Every where she goes and everything she does she wants people to know that life is life and you live through it as well as she wants everyone to know that even she herself has went through it. In this book Lets be real  she points out a lot of things you would not necessarily think about. She talks about how to make yourself  aware of just that, your self.   This book is great for preteens tweens or even younger teenagers or just about any one along in that range of age.   The only thing that i would think could be revised is perhaps going on a name that doesn’t bounce of your famous mom.

I am always looking for books for my daughter to have to read and it seems some times there is few and far between in the things that she likes. Books just like TV shows are coming  up and seem to get a lot older for the age range. I like the people in the book  because it’s innocent and it’s hard to find.  This book was written by a mom daughter duo and it takes a whole new aspect on  writing books. I think one of the best things about this book is that it is about a 12 year old and it is meant to make it easy on a 12 year old to read it.  Wonderful book for tweens.